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Post by keltwookie » Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:24 am

By Gunner and kelwookie

The UNSF (Unified Nations Space Force) was created on the basis of the ancient United Nations, when humanity began its journey towards the stars.
Titan Aerospace is the main supplier of the UNSF, thus benefiting from the latest technological advances in propulsion and weaponry.

Mandate and Principles:
  • Seek out life in any form
  • Respect the sovereignty of all races and their planetary home
  • Never to pre-empt an attack on any nation unless a state of war exists.
  • Not to interfere with the natural evolution or progress of any race or species.
  • Respect the environment of any planet that supports any life.
  • Not to plunder the resources any planet that supports any life.
  • Defend the freedom and rights of all species.
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