Ceres Independant Miners (CIM)

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Ceres Independant Miners (CIM)

Post by keltwookie » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:22 am

By Gunner and keltwookie

When water became the key ingredient to sustain man on his home planet every space jockey with a Kilogram of enterprising spirit purchase, borrowed or scrounged any sort of space vessel that they could find. Everyone knew that water was out there and all they had to do was find it and bring it home to cash in on the greatest dilemma since the Earth stocks of Helium ran out in 2025 AD. The ingenuity of some of these new pilots was a courageous as the foolishness that others possessed. There was little or no regulation to guide this enterprise and while some made it into the space beyond Earth’s Moon many perished on the makeshift launch pads that had sprung up all over the globe. It was the plight of a number of prospecting pilots who got into space, found and harvested water or ice on asteroids and then found themselves marooned in space, that generated an Esprit de Corps amongst them. They found that they were devoting as many hours assisting each other in times of difficulty as they were actually mining, then someone had the bright idea of banding together. Such a group, known to each other, and with the friendship that holds such people together, that enabled the field of solitary mining to continue.

The discovery of gigantic ice deposits attracted one of the biggest mining companies of this time; Stockwell Minerals. But the problem was that the planettoid was already exploited by some miners and it was necessary to dislodge these to allow the complete and exclusive establishment of the mining company
Stockwell Minerals, majority shareholder of several transport companies, forced them to interrupt the convoys of food and supplies for Ceres, forcing the miners to rent and load themselves supplying ships. But when the convoys arrived in Ceres orbit, they were driven back by the Stockwell security forces and cargoes seized , the company pretending, wrongly, that the planetoid belonged to them legally.
Starving and desperate, the independent miners regrouped and assaulted the outpost set up by Stockwell, the security employees opened fire and we counted dozens of deaths.
This unfortunate incident attracted the attention of the United Nations, which dispatched an embassy to Ceres, a compromise was established which allowed the exploitation of Ceres by the independent miners, but these had to resell part of their labor at a preferential price to Stockwell Minerals.
The independent miners, conscious that they did not make the weight in front of the United Nations then plagued by corruption, could defend their interests and develop only by uniting definitively and officially:

Ceres Independants Miners was created in 2117 A.D

This group pledged to survey, scout and mine throughout the system, where they could, without the shackles of formal company directives or targets. Their pledge included offering help of any kind to other independent miners especially in protecting each other’s independent rights.

Oddly enough the spread of success across these CIM brothers was as broad as the systems they explored. Those who hit difficult times either with poor mining results or equipment failure found themselves benefitting from the charitable fund the others contributed to which ensured the continuous function of the CIM.

As time went on the CIM assumed that any new independent miner would be automatically offered the friendship afforded by the CIM unless they opted out. Regardless of the code the CIM operate under they are truly independent with no leaders, managers or formal directives or mandates unless it is to help a friend in need.

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