Eridani Combyne

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Eridani Combyne

Post by keltwookie » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:22 am

The origins of Eridani Combyne has its source in the amalgam of several commercial companies which unite to counter the growing threat of a rising piracy, this one attacking increasingly the convoys travelling human sectors.
Some cargo pilots thus got organized in protected convoys and the goods being transported more safely, the diverse companies realized substantial profits, and in 1132, the Centauri Transports Guild was created
The Guild’s interests pushing them always more far into the deep space, it become essentials to create outposts. Indeed, some warehouses being too much far from commercial routes, they could not take advantage of an efficient management. Furthermore, if a cargo ship had an accident or a raids of pirates, the guild rescue ships travelled days to arrive on the spot what did let more less chances to the survivors if any.
The guild thus started to recruit external pilots which been equipped with decommissioned space fighters bought back from government and rearmed. These pilots, responsible for the supplied equipments and ship thus had to proceed themselves to the possible repairs. The risks were high but the pay was juicy and to reduce maintenance costs, these pilots soon formed one of the first private space security companies, the Rising Sun Security, in 1141 SHT.
Later, the Rising Sun and the Centauri Transports Guild entrusted the maintenance of their vessels and various equipment to Neutron Dynamics, a company manufacturing engines and armament. The corporation was then in trouble, indeed, UNSF not having renewed their contract, the company thus practiced very attractive prices.

These three companies, in order to reduce production and transport costs, met a few years later, in a single one: The Neutron Star Corporation.
Thanks to these outposts, the Neutron Star expanded in all known systems and its influence became considerable, including at political level, which allowed them to intervene where the mandate of the UNSF prohibited it, the Neutron Star sometimes using questionable methods to achieve its goals.

To avoid too inquisitive questions, the corporation decided to implant its first production site and autonomous research plant into the Epsilon Eridani system on planet Mimir. Later the name of the corporation was changed to Eridani Combyne in 1160 SHT, thought less aggressive and more appropriate than Neutron Star,

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