Pan Solar Prospecting

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Pan Solar Prospecting

Post by keltwookie » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:22 am

By Gunnet and keltwookie

Stockwell Metals,one of the biggest mining company to venture into the solar system was created almost by accident. It was a rushed business deal with pathetic investment and, at first, inferior and limited equipment. It hired its personnel without any background checks or CV requirements and so it should have collapsed at the first hurdle, yet it has become the most respected and most successful company in the field of mining and geological survey of all time under the name of Pan Solar Prospecting.
At a time when water was becoming rather scarce and even desalinated water was becoming hard to contain, and the world’s most renowned scientist where arguing about water on Jupiter, this small company had obtained, we do not know how of enormous investment funds, acquired an old ground abandoned by the American space agency, converted in museum, as well as an old stock of spare parts and including several unfinished projects. But this heterogeneous heap of spatial scrap held within it a jewel: a completely functional shuttle of the 21th century called "Atlantis".
His engines were replaced by Fusion Engines and was perfectly adapted to space, this shuttle also possessing a large number of inflatable containers which when he was completely inflated contained 50.000 liters each. All this was provided to the mining company. Some fuel was maybe asked, borrowed and a little stolen, and before long, the 1st expedition left the Earth orbit. The question was how find water. The fusion engines propelled the shuttle up to the asteroid belt, there, the mining explorers found a large number of small sizes containing ice, small enough to be handled with the robot arm of the Atlantis and sufficiently rich in water to make the extraction profitable. The inflatable’s were deployed from the cargo hold and after many attempts the managed to scoop the smaller ice asteroids into each inflatable. Of course once these containers were fully loaded they could not return them to the hold.
Their pilot offered a solution of stringing the containers together and tow them back to Earth as the old barges used to do on the canals of Earth many years ago.
After a journey without major inconveniences and arrived in Earth's high orbit the news of this exploit traveled the entire Earth. It was so publicized that soon the banks invested in the recovery of water, Stockwell Metals, from the name of its founder, became a company with which it was necessary to count into the solar system, it was the first to venture towards Jupiter and Its moons.

On the death of James Stockwell, in 2138, the company's board of directors decided to change its name to Pan Solar Prospecting

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