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Titan Aerospace

Post by keltwookie » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:22 am

By Gunner and keltwookie

The Titan Company was an amalgamation of leading space research companies from the USA, France, Germany and United Kingdom. With each company successfully achieving the same result it was deemed wise to join forces in order to reduce the duplication of effort. It was urgent that man reached out into deeper space as quick as it was technologically sound to do so and so this combined effort reduced R&D time.
This new agency then benefited from the public funds of all the nations concerned which actively supported it and its first mandate was to foresee the means to implement for the exodus of humanity.
One of the major problems to be solved was propulsion. Despite the invention of the fusion engine, the equation was far from being solved, and this fusion engine did not allow a voyage that could last several long years, the solution of cryogenization was envisaged. But time pressed because the Sun declined rapidly and it was necessary to obtain results very quickly.
Some researches was resumed, initiated at the end of 20th century on a possible FTL (Faster Than Light) engine. The discoveries made by some European researchers focused on the gigantic energy source needed to achieve the desired results and only the anti-matter seemed to hold a part of the solution. An advanced research center was therefore established on Titan, followed by a first orbital shipyard. This shipyard had a peculiarity: It could be completely dismantled to be transported to another location.

It was the birth of Titan Aerospace, built on the ashes of the International Space Agency.

Shortly after the first prototype interstellar ship was launched, Titan Aerospace sold its plans to the private sector and the first extra planetary shipyards were created in orbit around the Earth between 2127 and 2141, thanks to the publication of these plans, many ships could be designed in time for the exodus.
Three years after the creation of Titan Aerospace, a first test was attempted around the orbit of Neptune, carrying with it the hopes of humanity, the vessel baptized Orion disappeared forever and was considered went down with all hands.
Fortunately, the funds obtained through the resale of certain patents allowed a second trial two years later, the calculations having been redone and verified. Orion 2 reappeared to everyone’s surprise the day after the launch, confirming the success of the operation. A scientific mission was therefore sent the following month, which was to last four years

Titan Aerospace was the first corporation to establish in Alpha Centauri. Today, Titan Aerospace is the main supplier to the UNSF (Unified Nation Space Force) and the government. The corporation is also responsible for the creation of the first Interstellar Gate that will link the colonized human worlds, thus establishing the beginnings of the commercial routes that we know today.

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