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Solar Biomedical

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Human Cloning! The thought horrified many ethical persons and organisation for many a decade. It was argued, debated but secretly explored by many in the closing years of the 20th Century and yet in those early years of the 21st Century this form of Bio-Medicine took a different turn.
Sometimes modified human stem cells were planted in farm pigs in order to create human organs for transplant surgery. Despite more and more measures to guarantee ethics, research through-out the 21st century continued, but the drawback of cellular DNA degradation in cloning continued to put the successful practice beyond mans technology. It seemed that the only way to overcome the problems caused by the half life of DNA was to opt for a single donor per cell experiment.
That was until a group of bio medical scientists where assembled in a research group financed by private funds, these financial investment beeing beyond the dreams of most nations. Many believe that Solar Biomedical is a front for an organisation called ExoCorp (Exobiologics Corporation) but no evidence has yet been proven of this. The suspicions on this are centred around the facts that Solar Biomedical appear to produce and sell nothing and that personnel involved in both companies spend a lot of their time in each others facilities. Add the huge expansion of barrack like accommodation added to Solar Biomedical premises and you have much speculation.
Solar Biomedical’s media campaign focused upon the companies desire and mandate to push the science of human DNA in order to perfect those imperfections that occasionally lurk within its structure. To finish the work completed in the later half of Earths 21st Century by eradicating those genetic and generic diseases that prove so costly to human suffering.
While this mandate seems admirable it had been voiced that no governing authority had ever been placed to watch over Solar Biomedical’s practices. How far their experimentation and success had gone was never examined and many sensationalising news hounds expanded upon rumoured theories that perhaps they were also trying to play God by genetically modifying Human DNA for other purposes.
Solar Biomedical continue to practices drawing the very best Medical and Genetic Scientists to their facilities with huge salaries.

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