Planet Kashir

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Planet Kashir

Post by keltwookie » Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:59 am

By Gunner and keltwookie

An exceptionally beautiful planet of rolling hills with a great deal of flora and fauna. Its temperature remains constant throughout its year due to the vibrant hot water springs that rush to the surface from deep below the planets surface. Lacking in harmful sulphurs this water keeps the soil moist and at a temperature favoured by the planet life and the many life forms that feed of this vegetation. Even the night temperature rarely dips 4 degrees below the days warmth and many have suggested that this could be a suitable planet for vacationers. This planet is very rich in minerals which is utilized by the dominant specious : The Kashirii. Technology is rife amongst the vast majority of the planet but does not deplete the planets natural and outstanding beauty. The Kashirii have balance well the enhancement of technology and the extraction and processing of minerals without damaging their environment. There is one challenge to this world due to its 2 moons. When the 2 moons and their sun are all in alignment, fierce gravitational forces tend to pull all surface waters into one direction causing terrible flooding of low lands. This phenomenon occurs approximately once each ten years and last but a few moments but the damaged caused can be terrible. The fortunate fact is that the Kashirii can predict the event and take precautions and the damage caused is soon repaired by the nature of the planet.
  • Radius : 4396.00 km
  • Orbit Radius :0.9850 AU
  • Orbit Inclination : 4.420 degrees
  • Orbit Speed : 6.306 km/s
  • Cycle : 22.55 hours
  • Mass : 2.620*10^24 kg
  • Average Density: 7361.833 kg/m^3
  • Surface Gravity: 9.046 m/s^2
  • Escape Velocity: 8.918 km/s
  • Atmosphere: Carbon Dioxide (CO2)=2.09% - Nitrogen (N)=64.56% - Oxygen (O)=20.38 %
  • Average Temperature: 27.7 degrees C
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