Interstellar Gates

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Interstellar Gates

Post by keltwookie » Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:09 pm

Based on the same technology as the Warp Drive, the interstellar gates were developed to overcome the interdiction for civilians to use this engine, reserved to the UNSF.
These gates, activated from a space station nearby and containing an antimatter mini-plant, generate a space-time bubble which disappears when the ship disappears itself into hyperspace.
The quantum computer used to calculate the ending point is locked to a single coordinate in the selected area, regardless of the distance. The gate is of course traversable in both directions, like a Lorentz wormhole, allowing the establishment of trade routes around the nearby systems of Alpha Centauri.

*Note: This device will be replaced. Indeed, related to the Warp Drive, it would be too slow for reaching some destinations.*

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