XPlore Time Scale

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XPlore Time Scale

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A Question of Time

“Time is an illusion- Lunchtime doubly so” Douglas Adams HHGG

The passing of time of Earth is measured by its orbit around its sun and the rotation, this is well known but how would you measure time is space?
If you were resident on Pluto, if that were possible, your year would be 248 years long as that is how long it takes Pluto to orbit the Sun. You would have died of old age before your first birthday. What is needed is an alternate measurement of time when in space.

  1. Maintain the current Gregorian calendar. This is possible but a conversation factor would be required for each measured distance from Earth. Example 1 x AU = the distance Earth is from the Sun therefore time would be converted by the number of AUs (= Astronomical Units) the craft is from Sol. Very difficult when outside the Solar System and perhaps in another Galaxy.
  2. Use the measurement of Space Time. This is the measurement of Earth Time when at particular location in space. Therefore the readout would the time and location but as Earth and the Solar system is moving at 72,000 kilometers per hour this could become very complicated with chronological computers tied to spacial GPS.
  3. Find and use a new method of measuring time.
Possible solution:

It is known that pulsars emit their pulse at precise intervals and the most accurate and fastest is PSR.J1748-2664ad spinning at 70,000 times per second. (This pulsar is 18,000 light years away in the Sagittarius constellation) As this pulsar id very accurate in its spinning rate it seems that using this pulsar may be a solution.
This pulsar is visible across the vast expanse of space and while it seems a constant light to the human eye computers can accurately measure is resolutions and therefore can be linked to chronometers in space. Also as its resolutions are a round number we can easily convert this to a time scale we readily understand.
So we can maintain our current 24hour/7day/1year cycle without any reference to the Sol which will be out of sight in a very few short years following the XPlore scenario. However we may wish to alter our year as follows.
The year remains as an earth year (keeps history easy to remember)
However our year has 300 days, 20 hours in a day with 50 minutes in an hour and 105 seconds per minute. Agreed 105 seconds has not made it simpler but it is easier to math than counting in 60 (Historically a Babylonian method of counting). This leaves us a surplus of .12 seconds which is far less than the inaccurate method we use now. As an addition factor, an important one in my view, is that this new venture for man must destroy all barriers that prevent unity. Many cultures and religions use different starting points for the measurement of time in years with the Christian being most dominate therefore it desirable that our new time line has a new starting point and not measured by the birth of Christianity.

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